Are you Coming on Saturday?

My first mobility class starts this Saturday at APT Studios (#180-4255 Arbutus Street) from 11:30 am- 12:30.

What is mobility?  As I have written in previous posts mobility is more than just flexibility.  I think of mobility as having flexible muscles, relaxed connective tissues (fascia surrounding muscles), and joints with full range of motion.  When we don’t have our mobility our fitness and health is limited, and we end up with injuries, aches and pains.

I work on mobility daily!  It’s almost a part time job.  But I know that to keep my body performing well in a career of fitness and health I need to do it.

I decided to start this class to support people like myself who want to feel better and perform better to stay accountable to their mobility programs.  The class is a perfect setting to have a really educational experience from an anatomical perspective about what is going on inside those joints and muscles!

Saturday’s theme will be HAMSTRINGS!  These are some of my tightest areas, so why  not tackle my greatest challenge first!

If you are a nerd/keener like me you might be interested to see the class plan I have in place:

Saturday April 25th Mobility Class

FOCUS: Hamstrings

Beginning: Forward fold test

Warm up (20 mins):

  • laying on floor legs up wall (straight and then wide)
  • leg swings, quad and ham dynamic movements (hugs)
  • lunge hip flexor on mat, twists and then holds/freestyle
  • active straight leg raise with band
  • on back, banded across the body holds, both high and low

Fascial Release

  • Foam roll hams, calves
  • Roll out feet
  • Ball work on a chair:  (7 rolling exercises)


  • Banded flex/extend in a hip hinge position
  • Wrap around the back leg and hip hinge with two straight legs
  • Band up your left foot and wrap it around your flexed right hip, keep the knee bent and then slowly straighten the leg. If you can’t straighten it use another band for the top leg


  • Seated forward fold, wide legs
  • Downward dog

Sounds interesting to you?  Come check it out, I can guarantee you will feel like you are floating when you walk out of the room.  Class is only $20, so bring a friend 🙂

E-mail me at for more info!

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