No More Neck Pain!

This morning I created a document for one of my client who has been suffering from neck pain, and then I realized it should be shared with all of you!

Neck pain originates from:
–  Holding poor posture while sitting or standing all day.
–  Spending most of your day looking down.
–  Improper ergonomics on the computer.
–  Emotional and mental stress from working hard all day.
–  Improper breathing.
–   Sleeping in any position other than on your back or in a side supported position.
–  Many other causes….

Considering most of us experience these causes, and I know many experience the symptoms, please use the following resource as a guideline to stretch, strengthen, and roll your way to less aches and pains!  Please note I haven’t written detailed descriptions for each exercise.  Ensure you are comfortable with the form before performing them.

I truly hope this helps you!  This is not a comprehensive program and does not include all the stretching/exercises/rolling to improve your upper body function, but this is a great start to get going!

Remedies for Neck and Shoulder Pain/Tightness
To be done 2-3 times per day.  Hold each stretch for a count of 5 breaths.   Each one of your breaths should be inhaled through the nose for 4 seconds, with a short pause before exhaling out of the mouth for 7 seconds. 

Dynamic stretches:
To be done in the morning, or after sitting for a long time, or whenever you can!!

To be done at least 2 times a week for 3 sets of 12 as part of a whole body workout.

Figure A:  Shoulder blade retractions with band and lat pull down with band.  Your shoulder blades and lats perform this exercise.

Figure B:  Scapular retractions laying face down.  Lift the arms up and slightly pulled back off the ground.

Figure c:  Seated Row with cable or machine.  Most importantly remember that your back muscles should be doing the work.

Figure D:  Lat Pull Down

Figure E:  Shoulder blade push ups.

Foam Rolling

Fascial Release
Using a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or myofascial ball dig into the chest/neck muscles by pinning the ball between yourself and the edge of a wall.  For the back muscles, put your tennis ball in a large sock and throw it over your shoulder, dig in to the back of the neck muscles and muscles between the shoulder blade and the spine.

Always be sure to stand with ears over shoulders, over hips, over ankles.  Keep your chin up, shoulders held down the spine, breathing deep into the belly and the sides of the ribs, opening the chest to the sky.

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