Women on Weights Level 2!


Have you been doing bicep curls and tricep kick backs for years?  Are you still doing crunches and panks and not feeling like your core is getting stronger?  Are you looking for a program that teaches you overall full body strength, exercises that target all the muscles in the body, and the ultimate guide to your peak level of fitness?

ON April 13th Women on Weights Level 2 will start!  It runs on Monday nights from 6:30-7:30 for 6 weeks.  It’s $90 for members and $120 for non members.

In this course you will learn perfect technique for deadlifts, squats, pulling motions (chin ups etc.), pushing motions (overhead and bench press etc.), and core exercises way beyond the sit up!

If you have been working out with machines and free weights for some time now it’s time to move on and challenge your body even further.

Compound lifts are great for:
–  Getting a full body workout in a shorter period of time
–  Gaining overall full body strength
–  Teaching your muscles to work together as one functional unit
–  Developing the ultimate level of core strength.
–  Getting the best metabolic burn following your workouts

–  Feeling and looking stronger than ever before!

This is a good class for you if:
–  You are looking to build muscle and burn fat, to create an overall leaner physique.
–  You are motivated by getting stronger in the gym.
–  You are tired of your old routine and are looking to push things to the next level.
–  You participate in any sport, whether competitive or recreational.  Any generally athletic person should have these exercises in their program.
You will want to make sure:
–  That you are comfortable with level 1 exercises (you should be able to squat, lunge, push up, and hold a plank)
–  You don’t have any major restrictions in range of motion.
–  You are ready to have some fun, try new things, and push yourself 🙂
If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail, and please pass this on to any ladies you know who might be interested.

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