My ‘Hairy” Fitness video :) And why there is no excuses to not exercise.

In 2015 Kyle and I have committed to exercising together on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 pm.  This way he is committed to making it to the gym, and I am committed to pushing myself by working out with someone else.  It has been going really well.

Last Thursday Kyle called and had some of the typical excuses we create for ourself for why we shouldn't exercise.  (Just as other times before our workouts I would call him with very similar excuses).  In the end we figured out a good way to still get a workout in despite hime not having the right clothes etc. !  It ended up being a challenging home workout!

I wanted to share this story and video with you for two reasons.
1)  Take a look at why you aren't exercising, and what excuse or justfication you are giving yourself.  We all do it!  So don't be hard on yourself, it just may be time to look at things a little differently to make health and fitness the priority…

2)  I really enjoyed the workout!!  I decided to film a video to share on social media.  Once I started recording though I realized my black clothes were COMPLETELY covered in hair from the rug.  There was no way I could post that on Youtube because people would tear me apart.  Instead, I thought I would share it just with you!  So don't judge the lack of professionalism, and tell me what you think of the workout, or some of the exercises.

How else do you kick your own butt by working out from home?  

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