Have you planned your workouts?

One of the biggest mistakes I used to make when I went to the gym was I would either:
a)  Do the same thing over and over
b)  Go in with no plan, wander around doing random exercises, and leave after not so much of a workout.


every few months I reevaluate my training program.

1)  What am I training for right now?  Speed?  Strength?  Weight Loss?  Endurance?  Vitality?
2)  What do I need to be working on in terms of corrective exercises?  Each of our bodies needs certain movements and exercises that aren't necessarily physically challenging, but play a purpose in correcting imabalances and assymetries we have in our body.  These change as you progress and adapt your program, and need to be reevaluated with a screening process.
3)  What activities am I really 'feeling' and inspired by right now.
4)  How much time do I want to commit?

From here, I design a program.
I write or type it out, very simply, and bring it to the gym with my notebook everytime I go.
This way I am working towards goals, I am becoming a well rounded fit person, I am no neglecting various aspects of fitness, and I feel motivated and inspired by what I have set out to accomplish.

This is how I find working out enjoyable and sustainable, and the only way to exercise to improve all aspects of fitness.

This is the programming I do for my clients every few months as their bodies, schedules, and goals adapt and change.

I thought I would offer you my rough guideline of my workout program.  Some of it might just look like jargon to you, but just thought I would share.  Remember, this is a schedule and can and will be adapted/ added to throughout the workout.

Day #1 (Tuesday) 4 X 10 Bench
Any of these exercises can be performed with a variation Lat Pull Down 4X10
Plank around the world X 10
12 Push Ups X 3
Bent Over Row 3 X 10
20 Dead Bugs
60 walking OH lunges
10 mins HIIT Treadmill
Day #2 (Tues) Foam rolling, stretching, 30 minutes high intensity cardio
Day #3 (Wed) Mobility exercises, body weight exercises, glute/core work, posture work
Day #4( Thurs) Deadlifting 5 X8
Jump Pull ups 5 X 8
KB Swings/snatches
All 3 planks 1 minuted in a row
4 2 minute rows under 2 minutes
One leg squats X 20 X 3 with 15 pound weight
Spidermans and various core work.
Day #5 (Fri) Foam Rolling, stretching, 30 minutes high intensity cardio
Day #6 (Sat) Squatting 5 X 8
2 Arm BOR 3 X 10
KB Windmill 12 X 3
OH Press 5 X 8
Seated Row 3 X 10
TRX mountain climbers
Day # 7 YOGA/ gymnastics/dance
Goals pistol squat, 3 pull ups strict, 25 minute 5 km, loosen hips, strengthen agility and eccentric movements for hiking, increase in strength in all major lifts, improve hamstring flexibility.
Fms and corrective exercises. dynamic motor control of hips, static mobility of hips and hamstrings.
As much natural activity (walking, biking) as I can get in a day.

Let me know if you have questions about my workout program, or need help setting up one of your own

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