When that “Oh Henry” craving strikes.

Last night I ate an Oh Henry.  Shocking right?  What kind of trainer eats an Oh Henry?

I have never craved an oh henry before, and I ate it for emotional reasons.  I mean honestly, it's not like I said to myself "I'm hungry, I think an Oh Henry is a great snack for me right now.

Sometimes our snacks aren't logical, and we indulge, and enjoy.

But 80-90 % of the time our snacks should be balanced and complete and promote optimal nutriton.  AND when we have good healthy snacks around then we can tell that Oh Henry to bite the dust!

With the New year here the gyms are already packed with people making resolutions to get fit.  I know even for myself I have put a focus back on home cooking and preparing my meals for the day now that christmas season is over.

We know that nutrition makes up one of the most significant parts of our health, and that we need to eat well during the day to prevent disease and maintain our weight.  If we don't bring good balanced snacks we end up grabbig something on the go, or overeating when we get home at night.  SO…

I have decided to write for you today some of my 'go to' snacks to have around the house, keep in my locker, and bring to with me to work.  These are foods that literally require very little preparation (I am an extremely lazy cook), and are easily portable.

Best 'Easy' Snack Ideas

1)  Rice cakes with almond butter and a banana.
2)  2 hard boiled eggs and an apple
3)  Hummus and veggies and almonds
4)  A small portion of your leftover dinner!
5)  Berries with a nut seed mixture (chia, flax, hemp, and any type of nut) with a small amount of honey on top.
6)  Sliced cucumber, tomato, and the best organic good quality sliced meat you can find (Ideally it's always best to have some cooked up chicken/turkey in the fridge that can be grabbed on the go).
7)  This one might not be for everyone, but Kyle and I love a rice cracker with hummus and smoked oysters on top!
8)  Easy 3 ingredient protein balls (this does require a bit of prepation, check back in my previous blogs for recipes).
9)  carrots and half an avocado.
10)  An apple with any kind of nut butter and a protein shake.

In my locker at work I always store a can of protein powder, and often will carry fresh fruit with me to have this as a quick portable meal.

I find when I keep these foods in the house and regularly stocked life is a lot easier.  Try writing these foods down on your weekly grocerry list.

What is your favourite snack?

What works for you?

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