What’s the Best Diet Program Out There?

You are trying to lose weight, which program should you join?

Last year I wrote an article about comparing diets to each other.  What they are all about, and what one could be best suited for certain people.  I can send it to you if you want to read it.

But guess what?  The bottom line is….

The best diet for you is the one you COMMIT TO.
The best diet for you is the one that changes your patterns long term.

I heard this said over the weekend and it makes the most sense.  Realistically all diet programs work, or else they wouldn't be in business.  They will all make you lose weight and get you to your goals, if you Commit to it.  So the problem isn't what diet I should do, it's really how can I 100 % commit to making this happen for myself?

So, if you are the type of person who is just looking to lose weight and don't care how you do it, then go ahead and join any diet program and Commit to it!! Make it happen.

But here's clincher #2:
If you want to lose weight long term and sustainable you need to change your patterns and you need to change them sustainably so that you can keep the weight off forever.

For example,
If you join a low carb diet and COMMIT to it and lose 30 pounds, then stop committing to it, what do you think happens to those 30 pounds?  THEY COME RIGHT BACK ON!!!  There is no way you can make a drastic change in how you eat/live, lose weight, and then expect to be able to go back to old patterns and keep the weight off.

AND if you just try and use willpower to fight your way through a diet, without discovering the underlying issues of why you weren't eating healthy in the first place, you will never make sustainable change in your weight.

This is something I am so passionate about, and something I like to preach and practice in my business.

We don't just want to lose weight for an event or lose weight for the summer, we want to lose weight to feel good and look good long term.

So I challenge you to look at your patterns.  Look at how you are eating.  Look at how you approach weight loss.  Do you approach it with commitment 100 %?  Do you approach it looking as a long term sustainable lifestyle change?  Do you have a strong WANT and DESIRE to change, and know why you want to lose weight?

This is a powerful message if you really think about.  What do you think?  How can I support you in these changes?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Post them on the facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/KatherineTaylorFitnessAndHealth

So think about this over the holiday season and as we approach the New Year.  How can you do the holidays with moderation?  How can you look at the holidays as another day, another occasion in life to practice balance and moderation?  In January, how can you look at the rest of your life as an opportunity to transform your LIFESTYLE, rather than jumping on some crazy fitness and health kick you can't sustain?

** And just as a side note, all types of bodies feel good eating different foods.  Some people do better with more carb based foods (quinoa, rice, beans etc.), whereas others more protein.  This is another reason why the best diet for you is the one that makes you feel amazing, and therefore you commit to it!!

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