The Importance of a Warm up.

Happy Holiday season!  I hope you are enjoying christmas parties and indulgences, and balancing them with lots of veggies and exercise!

Most of my blogs come from reflections in my own life, as well as curiosity of things that happen around me.

One thing I realized lately is that I never have aches and pains anymore.  I never have a weird kink in my shoulder, or a tight hip muscle, or a pulled muscle.  When I first started exercising I feel like there was always an issue I was having to fix.  Something I was getting massage or accupuncture for.  I thought it was normal to be in and out of physio to fix various issues.

Why do I believe I have WAY less issues now?  Warm up, mobility, stretching, and focussing on movement patterns.

I will sometimes spend up to 30 minutes foam rolling, getting my heart rate up, going through mobility drills and dynamic warm up drills.  I won't start my workout until I know that my body is ready to go.  I also have noticed a significant improvement in my strength and workouts when I spend more time warming up.

After I did my own funcitonal movement screen it was aparent I have some movment pattern issues.  I have a lot of tightness in my hamstrings and calves, as well as some dynamic motor control issues in my hips (little technical jargon there…).

Moral of the story?  I realized I had to fix some underlying issues if I was going to keep getting stronger and fitter in the gym without injury.

For the past year or so I spend a good chunk of time daily doig specific stretches and movements I know my body needs to stay working well long term.  I also know the series of movements I do before specific exercises.

I share this with you because you need to know what your body your body NEEDS!  You need to know what's tight, what is not in balance with the other side, what is weak, what needs stretching and what needs strengthening.  Once you know what your body needs, and you do it everyday, for the long term, your body WILL feel better.

The key is actually doing it!  If you do your drills regularly, consistently, and long term and don't see results, it's time to move on to figuring out what's causing the underlying issue.

If you want to feel good, have good performance in the gym, prevent injury when doing exercise and sport, you need to follow your own mobility program!

Stop just jumping into the gym and doing your workout, start focussing on getting your body to a mobile level first if you want to exercise long term.

Let me know if you need help figuring out the right mobility program for you!

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