HOLY SHIT! …and Continuing Eucation

Every time I attend a fitness or health course my mind is blown.  It's equal parts excitement at everything I am learning, while equal parts fear about how much more there is to learn.  Sometimes I can't believe how much I an still learn on a daily basis, when I have been studying this for 8 years.  It blows my mind.

And makes me think…

We hire plumbers and electricians to work in our homes beause we know they are educated and certified, and we would mess something up if we did it on our own.  We have our hair dresser cut our hair because they have the expertise and training, and we don't want to walk around with a mullet!  We use lawyers, and bankers, and doctors for their expertise and training.  So where do we get the idea that we know how to exercise properly?  Sometimes I think about how I exercised 5-8 years ago and I slap my forehead.  Somewhere along the way I, and many people got the idea that exercise is just something that can be learned by watching others, taking a few fitness classes, and watching youtube.  Somewhere along the way we got the idea we should all be following the same exercise program.  Somehow we all learned the right technique, without being taught…hmm….  Let me tell you, coming out of this weekend once again I am humbled by all the things I am learning that can continue to be used to support myself and my clients.

So just like you do anything else in your life, I encourage you to hire a fitness professinoal to get you started on the best program for you!  (SALES PITCH!!)…hah…no but for real….

Let me get in to what I actually want to share today.

I feel inspired to share what the keynote speaker Mindy Mylrea spoke about.  Her topic was "every movement matters".  And one of the biggest themes of her presentation was how as people we tend to exercise maybe, if we are lucky, 1 hour a day, and what do we do for the other 23 hours?  SIT!  We sit when we eat, when we commute, while we work, and when we get home.  EVERY MOVEMENT MATTERS.  Sitting for 23 hours a day, then going to the gym for one hour is not enough.  We as humans need to stay active and moving all day long if we want to live long healthy, pain free, happy lives.  When we sit we get tight, weak, poor cardiovascular ability, etc.  Standing, stretching, walking, dancing are all ways we can move our body as much as possible throughout the day.  Can you stand, dance, or prance and talk on the phone each time it rings (this is one of Mindy's trademark challenges for her clients)?  Can you set a time to get up and do a few stretches every 25 minutes from your desk?  WE need to move as a society, a lot more!!  Mindy shared she has workout equipment in every room in her home so that every time she walks in there's a new piece of fun equipment to do an exercise with! (she is also a 50 something year old lady who did multiple one arm push ups on stage, so I'd say LISTEN TO HER!!).

Mindy also reiterated that 16 minutes of intense interval training is just as effective as a one hour steady state cardio activity.  People sometimes think that if we don't have an hour to go to the gym, we shouldn't go.  Not the case!  16 minutes is a ridiculousy short period of time.  If you don't have 16 minutes a day to exercise, I am concerned for you and your lifestyle.

I love what Mindy said about eating, because it is exactly what I preach.  She has 3 rules for mindful eating:
1.  Am I hungry?
2.  Is it a smart choice?
3.  How much do I need?
–  We can't make up for a bad diet with exericse, everyone needs to follow these guidelines.

Do you have trouble drinking water?
Mindy suggests using 8 bracelets on one arm.  Everytime you drink a big glass of water you transfer the bracelet from the right arm to the left.  I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!  Give it a try, let me know how it goes.

Some final thoughts of Mindy's I liked:
1.  When setting fitness goals take a look if they are responsible.  I think often peple set these massive goals without thinking about how it is going to affect your relationships, your family, or your career.  If you have a career and a family, how can you create a fitness goal that won't take away from these important aspects of your life?  Something to think about, and a part of goal setting I know I neglected in the past.

2.  What Can you do with the SHIT?  Mindy shared a very personal story on stage about how her husband has advanced prostate cancer.  She shared this an example to remind us that what you make ofo life is how you deal with the shitty experiences!  What you make of life is when you realize that every moment maters.

FInally Mindy finished with the idea of "immersing yourself in everything, and living life in the front row".  I love this concept!  Don't hold back, don't be afraid, don't sit in the back row complaining and gossiping, sit in the front row, be engaged, and accomplish your goals.

I would love to share with you some more about what I learned at the conference over the next few weeks.  The rest of the conference was mostly about fitness, so stay tuned!

OH PS- I got even better examples for demonstrations for my posture workshop on November 29th… so make sure you have your ticket!!  https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/core-and-posture-training-workshop-for-employees-tickets-13729722971

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