How is your Posture? Is sitting Killing you!?!?

Posture.  Do you have good posture?  Bad posture?  Do you even know what good or bad posture is?

I never thought about posture in my workouts or in life until I started visiting a chiropractor and learning about the importance of having our spine in alignment.  When we are out of alignment the messages being carried down our spinal column  aren't delivered effectively, and this can lead to a variety of issues and diseases within the body.

Take this quick test:
–  Can you stand with your back against a wall with the back of your ribcage and your head on the wall, then lift your arms up above your head with your elbows bent.  Hold your elbows, wrists and shoulders against the wall and slide your arms up the wall and down.  Don't arch your back.  This is just one very basic and simple test to take a look at your upper body posture.

Posture isn't only determined by our upper body muscles, but our hip flexors, our glutes, our hamstrings, and our core also play a role in how we stand and carry our body.

 Now here's the thing.  If you sit at a desk all day and don't know postural training exercises to do in the gym, I can almost guarantee you have some issues that shoulder be corrected!! It's natural, normal, and common!

Most people end up with a tight chest , weak back, tight hip flexors, and weak glutes from sitting.

So what happens if we have postural issues and we are working out hard in the gym?  We could be working the wrong muscles!  If you are not positioned in good posture and you are doing an exercise your body is compensating and not using the right muscles, effectively wasting your time.

If you continue to train in poor posture and form you will essentially train your body to stay in that poor position.

When we use our muscles in poor posture we are hindering our ability to have our body work together as one functional unit.  If our muscles don't work together we find it harder to get stronger, faster, more powerful.

But most importantly, having poor posture is a severe risk of injury.

Now, what I don't wan't you to do is look in the mirror and assume that because your back isn't rounded that you have good posture.  Get your posture and range of motion analyzed!

THEN come to my workshop.  It's on Saturday November 29th from 1-4 pm at APT Studios.  This is located at 29th and Arbutus in the Safeway Plaza.  It's only $20 and you will get a lifetime of value from it, guaranteed.

If you have any kind of aches and pains on a daily basis from tight muscles, poor posture, low back pain, etc. then you need to come and educate yourself about what is going on in your body!

What will you learn??
–  Why poor posture and sitting all day is killing you!! (Yikes)
–  What to do about it!
–  How to exercise and stretch in the gym for better posture.  You will get to try all of the exercises I teach on the gym equipment!
–  How to foam roll to improve tissue mobility
–  How to stop doing sit ups and properly strengthen the core!!!

Make sure you sign up once you know you are coming.  There are limited spots!  Buy your ticket here:

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** Keep in mind I offer coaching via skype.  If you live far away and you want to gain some knowledge around your posture, what's going right for you, and what might not be, then please send me an e-mail at and I can let you know how I can help you online!!

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