Making Food Choices- How Our Emotions Affect Them.

Below is an excerpt from a very special book I have written for my clients.

Optimal Health Coaching New Client Resource Package is being printed this month!  It is 75 pages of valuable health information to guide you on your journey!

One of my favourite passages is in the Food Diary section.  A lot of times people want me to tell them what to eat and when to eat in order to lose weight or get fit, without realizing that there is so much more to making food choices than just knowing what to eat!

Sometimes we make a food choice because we are deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral, perhaps an organ system isn’t functioning efficiently, or we are lacking a certain food group in our diet.  These are all generalizations as to why we may indulge in a certain food.  Bored, fears, sadness, unfulfilled goals/dreams in business or life, loneliness, anger, are just a few examples of why we may be choosing foods.  By recording patterns you are having I can assist you in finding a balance with optimal food choices 80 % of the time.  There will still be times for treats and snacks and your favorite foods, in moderation.  Eventually as you get to know your food habits better, and the reasons behind them, you can start to dig into healing yourself from those issues, which directly affects how you eat!

I will be writing another post soon on how healing my emotional and physical self completely transformed the way I ate.

If you have never used a journal before, that’s fine.  I hadn’t really either.  But I am going to suggest you get one, and start to journal on some of the questions I have lsited below.

This doesn’t need to be something that stresses you out, or you despise doing.  Make it fun, journal over a nice cup of tea, play some music, take time to breath and relax. 

Just give it a try 😉 

Try answering the following questions to get the ball rolling with your journaling process.
What did you eat and how much? 
What was going on in your circumstances at the time?
How did you feel before/during/after you ate it?
What would you have liked to go differently for you?
Was there an emotional reason behind your eating today?
Did you eat past the point of being full?
Did you enjoy what you were eating?
If you were unhappy with your choice, what can you do differently next time?
What kind of support do you need to make a better choice?
How can you move on from this situation to feel good and make great choices for the rest of the day?

Being honest with yourself with these questions will allow you over time to start making really healthy food choices out of desire, rather than willpower!

Stay Tuned!  If you want a copy of my book, you will be the first one to know!

AND:  Upcomig blog post on cravings 🙂

PS-  My 6 week women on weight training program at the YWCA Monday nights at 6:30 pm is almost full- do you know anyone interested in learning the basics of lifting weights?  Forward them this e-mail to contact me!

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