How Does Fitness Affect Your Hormones?

In Case You Missed It…

On Sept 24th at the YWCA Vancouver I gave a talk to 20 extremely receptive women!  The topic of the day was how does what we do in the gym, and how does our lifestyle influence our hormones.

I am pretty sure I blasted everyone with way too much information (what can I say, I get excited when I speak in from of a room).

I wanted to do a brief recap for you so that you didn't miss out on everything, and so you know why it's so important to come to the next talk!

Here goes:

The best way to exercise to burn fat, while also building muscle, without over stressing the body in order to maintain hormonal balance is HIGH INTENSITY, SHORT DURATION, ANAEROBIC EXERCISE WITH HEAVY LIFTING!
1.  This type of exercise is the only exercise to increase growth hormone and testerone (2 primary hormones involved in building muscle, bone, tissue, and shredding fat).  Also super important in preventing a variety of diseases.
2.  This training improves our insulin sensitivity, improving our overall health, preventing diseases such as Diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases, as well as helps us handle our carbs better!
3.  Short duration means we don't spike our cortisol (stress hormone).  When we exercise too much or too long we instead just spike our cortisol, and stress our bodies out more, with not enough time to relax= hormones go crazy.
4.  When we exercise and eat healthy and in moderation (rather than restricting or overexercising) we help to keep progesterone and estrogen in balance with each other.
5.  When we eat proper fat sources (both saturated and unsaturated) as well as eliminate sugars and processed foods we improve our hormonal profile.
6.  Without sleeping 7-9 hours a night and managing stress with a variety of techniques we will not have balanced hormones!

But guess what?  I just summarized a three hour talk in 6 bullet points.  There is so much to know and so much to learn!  I encourage you that if you or someone you know is struggling to find their ideal body weight, or a balance with food and activity, e-mail me.  Get yourself unstuck!  You are worth it <3.

3 changes you should go and make today after reading this:
1.  If you are used to jogging for 30 minutes, try this:  Run 1 minute as fast as you can, walk 1 minute.  High intensity interval training!!
2.  Look at your diet- when are you eating good healthy sources of fat in your day?  I bet you 50 % of the people reading this aren't actually eating ENOUGH fat!
3.  Learn to lift heavy weights.  Today.  

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