Did You Miss It?!?! Why All Women Should Lift Weights.

I am sure many of you may be thinking "Well I know why I should be Lifting Weights".  So I challenge you, if you can explain 10 reasons why you should lift, and how you should do it, then don't bother with the webinar, BUT I can guarantee to you that you will learn a thing or two by tuning in.

Sit back with a notebook, a cup of tea, and a warm blanket and enjoy this 50 minutes of education!  You are guaranteed to learn something beneficial for yourself, or something to share with another (feel free to pass the link along).

This webinar is only available to those who subscribe to my blog (lucky you!!).

Sneak preview:
You will learn about:
1)  Scientifically how muscle improves our metabolism
2)  HOW does weight training 'tone' our muscles.
3)  How does weight training prevent 4 different diseases.
4)  How is weight training the # 1 way to prevent Osteoporosis.
5)  Why does lifting weights make you happy
6)  How does lifting weights prevent injury and make everyday life easier.
7)  How does lifting weights prevent falls (and therefore allows you to live longer).
8)  How weight training makes working out FUN!
9)  How weight training improves our posture.
10)  How weight training improves our brain to muscle connection.  (Keeps those muscles from getting lazy).

I then whiz through a bunch of ways on how to get started in the gym.

Listen in, share with a friend, get educated!!



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