Who Is the Boss of Your Life?

Who is the boss of your life?  You or your scale?  

Do you wake up in the morning, hop on the scale, see a number you don’t like and decide to cut your breakfast in half because you weigh more that day?

Do you pinch your stomach to see how much fat is hanging over your pants to convince yourself to go to the gym?

When going out for drinks does the size of the shirt you bought recently determine how many glasses of wine you cut back on?

These behaviors are not right or wrong, but they can be detrimental to your livelihood, your happiness, and your health.
Are you anything like me, a few years ago, completely controlled by your size and weight?

For years my weight told me how well I had been sticking to my diet plan, how hard I had been pushing myself in the gym, and how restrictive I had been with not having any extra indulgences!  It told me how confident I could be in a social situation, how successful I could be as a personal trainer, how happy I could be in my own skin.  Until over a year ago, when I decided once and for all to throw the scale in the garbage, give my body the foods and exercise I want when I want them, and love myself for who I truly am.  I made that sound easy right?  Changing my relationship with the scale, food, and activity has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, and it has liberated me to a happier, healthier, fuller life, and here is how you can do it to:
1.    1. Throw the scale out.  Unless you are suffering from potential health issues due to your weight, I firmly believe there is no need to be weighing yourself.  As a health coach this is something I challenge all of my clients to do.  The scale should no longer determine your food and activity choices, YOU should!  Ask yourself, what does my weight tell me about ME?

2.    2. Eat what your body wants, when your body wants it.  If you want peanut butter with breakfast, your scale shouldn’t determine whether you can have it or not, YOU should!  Do you want it this morning?  Will it taste good?  Will it help fill you up?  Will it satisfy your craving?  If you have been restrictive for a long time you may overdo it for a little while, but don’t worry, this kind of freedom doesn’t send you on a free for all for food, forever.

3.   3.   Begin to exercise how and when you want, rather than when your scale tells you to.  You might be used to busting your butt on the treadmill if you see a number you don’t like on the scale.  That number is telling you how hard you need to exercise.  !  If you are physically exhausted a 10 km run perhaps is not the best idea for you that day.  Instead try asking yourself what type of exercise you actually feel like doing that day.  It is important to do cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercise each week, but doing it on your own terms and time rather than directed by the scale is EXTREMELY liberating, you will enjoy it more, and will do it long term

4.    4. Practice positive self talk about yourself and your body.  If you find yourself glancing in the mirror making faces or comments about the size of certain body parts, send your focus and attention onto another part of yourbody that you love!  Challenge yourself to say something great about your eyes, your hair, your outfit, your smile, or your confidence.  To be at peace with your weight and your body you need to start with a healthy mindset practice!

5.    5. Start to be honest with yourself, and with societal norms about what works for your body.  Are you able to maintain your ‘ideal’ weight only if you severely restrict calories, over exercise, and give up your social life (that was me!).  Start to be honest with yourself about what it might take to see that number on the scale that you want to see.  Is it realistic for YOU?  How will that number truly change your life?  Could you look, feel, and be awesome NOW?

As a personal trainer and health coach I understand the importance of healthy eating, exercising regularly, and taking care of our overall health.  I also understand that people want to look and feel their best.  I guide my clients to developing their healthy relationship with health, and their body.  One program and plan doesn’t work for everybody.  I challenge you to redesign your relationship with your scale, and your body!  Start today with these five stepsSlide1

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