Compound Lifting= faster metabolism, more efficient and functional movement= you gotta do it!

Compound lifting means performing an exercise that requires two joint movements during the motion.  For example, a bicep curl requires one joint to move (elbow), whereas a squat requires the hip joint and knee joint to move.

Compound lifts done properly, with a heavy weight, performed at a certain intensity is the best way to exercise for:
–  increased strength and muscle gains
–  Improved metabolism
–  Improved body composition
–  Greater stress on the bone to prevent Osteoporosis
–  Improved posture when done correctly
–  Every day life becomes easier as you train these functional movements
–  Decreased back pain as you strengthen your posterior chain (back side of the body)
–  Better hormonal profile (these types of lifts are key to balancing hormones)
Decreased risk of injury in every day life.
–  ON top of a variety of other reasons!

Tomorrow at the YWCA Vancouver (1215-115) I will be presenting on how these lifts influence our hormonal profile, and Tuesday September 30th I will be hosting a webinar on Why All Women Should Lift Weights.  In This webinar I will go into greater detail how these lifts affect all aspects of the topics listed above, and I will give you clues on how to get started.  So check out this video, get aqcuainted with some of the BIG Compound Lifts, and then check out the webinar next Tuesday to learn more!  You can register here:

Have questions about something I have posted in the video?  Ask me on my facebook page:

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