“Oh no, I forgot to Eat Breakfast”

As many of you know I recently started a house and pet sitting business.  Since April 30th I actually haven't been renting my own space!  Everything has been going very well, but I have been finding eating healthy quite challenging!  When I move once a week or sometimes even more it becomes a waste of money to be buying groceries, so I have found myself eating at Whole Foods a lot.  Whole foods gets expensive.  So I decided to write a quick blog for you guys today on quick and easy breakfasts that I have been relying on, that perhaps you might want to try if you find you sometimes leaving the house without getting some food in first!

1)  An avocado and a banana.  I eat a LOT of fat, my body prefers fat rather than carbs.  So a really easy breakfast to transport is a whole avocado and a banana.  Both foods higher in calories and nutrients, so keep you full for a long time!
2)  A smoothie.  At least in Vancouver, on every street corner there is somewhere to get a smoothie.  This has been a great way for me to get my greens in when I know I won't be eating enough vegetables that day!
3)  The "protein plates" at Starbucks.  They contain some fruit, PB, cheese, egg, and a small piece of bread "ish" substance!  Starbucks is everywhere, so this works well.  It is also a better choice than getting a breakfast sandwich or something.  We really don't need all those carbs to start our morning with!
4)  A coconut water and a healthy bar.  Look at the label of the bar you are eating.  The ones with the least amount of ingredients the better!  Cliff bars seem great, but they are loaded with crap!  Lara bars are ok, if you will have a chance to burn off all that sugar soon after (you aren't going right to sit at your desk).
5)  A handful of nuts, some slices of all natural deli meat, and some veggies and hummus.  Sounds like lunch right?  All grocery stores will have these foods handy.  Much better idea than grabbing something nasty/fast food.

I hope this helps a bit!

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