#1 Tip from my most successful clients!

I am extremely happy with my clients who are currently working with me to lose weight, and transform their metabolism's!  The reason being, many of them have started batch cooking!
Do you know how hard it is to start a brand new habit such as batch cooking?  It's like quitting smoking!  It's like telling someone who lives pay cheque to pay cheque to start saving money!  It's like bringing a couch potato out running every evening!  It's tough!
And the coolest part is, anything that is that tough to get going sure does pay off in the long run!
Let me give you a few examples:
1)  You forget your lunch multiple days per week and find yourself running somewhere for food.  Perhaps you can find a healthy option, but can you find a well balanced healthy option?  Is that meal going to have protein, fats, carbs, and veggies?  If not you are probably missing out on some good nutrients those days!
2)  Today I was EXTREMELY hungry after my hike yesterday.  And I REALLY needed an extra snack.  So I went hunting.  Nothing within a 500 meter radius had anything healthy or fresh I could buy.  I settled for a banana and PB, which is by far my favourite snack, but isn't exactly a filling/ ideal choice for me.  If I would have batch cooked my snacks on the weekend with my meals I would have had something tasty and a bit more well rounded in my bag.
3)  Often people look for a simple solution, it's natural to do so.  We want our meals delivered to us, or buy pre packaged food from the store, or whatever it is!  THIS IS WHERE YO YO DIETING COMES FROM.  healthy nutritious foods need to be cooked in your kitchen (unless you plan on being filthy rich forever and can have them delivered, then I am just jealous of you, speaking of which, I know some girls who started "Fitness Foods", google it, they deliver super healthy meals to you door!!".  So honestly the best thing you can do right this moment for your health, fitness, and weight, is hop in that kitchen and start cooking!  Once you are done your batch, get on the phone with me, and i'll get ya exercising!  Haha..just kidding πŸ˜‰
4)  When we don't have meals/snacks ready, sometimes we are tempted to not eat at all.  This is a recipe for distaster as your energy will plumet, and I am sure your mood will too!!  We have got a lot to accomplish in our day and grumpy/tired feeligns won't get you too far!  Right?  Right??
Anyways, thanks for letting me take a moment to praise my weight loss clients who are doing such hard work to achieve their goals!!  

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