Do you know how good it feels to feel good????

Do you know how good it feels to feel good????
Every feeling, emotion, experience, thought has a complete polar opposite feeling, emotion, experience or thought.
For example
I feel depressed vs. I feel super happy
I am extremely angry vs. I am filled with gratitude
The bootcamp class was the hardest workout ever, vs. that workout was super easy.
I can do it vs. I can't do it.
Simple examples, to explain what I am about to talk about today.  Without certain experiences/emotions etc. in your life you will never have the frame of reference to compare it to anything.  If you have never experienced extreme heartbreak/pain/sadness, how will you know when you feel joyous and excited?  If you have never struggled with jogging how will you ever know how great it feels to run your first 5 km?   If you have always been a super clean eater how will you know the satisfaction that fueling your body with all the healthiest foods feel?
For over 10 years now I have been weight lifting, competing in sports, marathons, cycling across countries etc.  I have always been fit and active, and proud of it.  But it wasn't until very recently that my fitness goals have started to be achieved one after another!  First it was watching my squat/deadlift/bench press get heavier and heavier, then I did the chin up, then I start noticing my muscle up class felt really easy (more on that in a second), and over the past month I have been astonished at how quickly I can now recover from exercise.  I was 'fit' before, but now I am healthy and fit together- and boy does it make a difference!
So in terms of my fitness class- I used to be absolutely demolished after teaching it.  I would be red faced, sweating like a pig so that I could lift the heaviest weights in the class, while still talking and motivating the group!  I would be tired for the rest of the day after those workouts.  Over the past 4-6 weeks I've been asking the group "are you sure this is still hard enough?".  I noticed I hadn't been sweating as much, and wasn't as sore/exhausted after.  Today 3 of the fittest ladies in the group cornered me and said "alright, whatever you are doing, keep doing it, you are kicking our butts like never before".  So I guess the class was feeling easier for me, but harder for the group?  I must be getting fitter right?  Well perhaps, BUT, I am still doing relatively the same volume of workouts I have been doing for awhile.  Something about my body must just be getting HEALTHIER.
Then the hiking…since I started hiking 3 years ago I generally go on Sunday's.  After ever hike I would spend the next day hobbling down stairs, unable to sit down.  I remember having volleyball on Monday's nights and always apologizing to my team that I couldn't move very quick!  This went on for years!  Then last year, I taught my muscle up class on Monday's, and every Monday I wouldn't do the whole class with the group cause my legs were SHOT (and they would be for days).
Well, 2 weeks ago I hiked Bowen island, and yesteryday hiked Diez Vistas, 2 challenging 4-6 hour hikes up mountains.  This morning as I stepped out of bed I was anticipating knee pain and quad stiffness, well let me tell ya.  I hopped out of that bed with a huge smile on my face!  Barely any soreness at all!  My recovery time is improving like crazy, something in my body is getting HEALTHIER!
So why did I want to share this with you today?  If I hadn't experienced those challenges of struggling with recovery, not being as fit as I wanted to be, not having as much energy as I wanted etc. I would never know how awesome/healthy/fit I am right now that I can recover quick and do as much activity as I want.  A lot of my changes have been with DECREASING activity (2-3 days of weights a week), and INCREASING CALORIES!!  As well as working with many alternative health professionals!! It's hard spending years upon years and thousands of dollars to build that ultimate healthy body, but I can assure you it sure is worth it!! My day has been filled with joy over the simple fact that I am not sore- how great is that!! Haha 🙂
There is only progress when it comes to healing the body, and as long as you take one step forward each day/week you will get there.  My journey continues, and I am so happy to have this blog to share it with all of you. Keep trucking and moving forward and you can be as healthy and as fit as you want to be!  It just takes time.  I hope that one day you can share my gratitude and awesome feelings for feeling healthier day by day!

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