What’s it Going to Take?

What’s it going to take?

Warning #1: I am feeling “ranty” today.
Warning #2: If you know someone who is ‘stuck’ try passing this on to them??

I find sometimes we, as human beings, get stuck.  We get stuck at  certain weight, in a job, in a relationship, hanging out with certain friends, and we don’t quite know how to move forward.

There is fear involved, with such a change things could look a lot different, and worse in your future.

There is uncertainty involved- isn’t it easier to stay comfortably numb?

There is doubt involved- I don’t have the skills/personality/looks/abilities to follow through with that.

There is overwhelm involved, and a variety of other emotions.

Often when it comes to making a change in health and fitness people get stuck for a few reasons

1)   They doubt things could ever be different for them. You have weighed 180 pounds your whole life, how on earth will you maintain a weight of 150?  Our body, and our lifestyle habits like homeostasis.  Change can bring upon emotions, challenges, obstacles, that we will have to rise and overcome.  If you were to lose 30 pounds and maintain your weight there will for sure be challenges!  Often people doubt they have the abilities and support to overcome them.  Without overcoming challenges you will stay in homeostasis forever!  You could branch this out to think about other areas of your life too.  "I have done this job for 20 years, there is no way I could change career paths", etc.

2)   You don’t know what it takes to get there. THIS IS A HUGE ONE FOR ME!  I never thought that in order to create my own level of Optimal Health this would require thousands and thousands of dollars and numerous hours getting help.  I’m talking nutritionist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, naturopath, medical doctor, coach/guide, personal development courses, personal trainers, etc.  And I do all of these things weekly!  And this is what it takes for me to feel physically/emotionally/spiritually healthy!  So if you are sitting here reading this and you aren’t there yet, don’t give up, keep investing time and effort, you will get there, but you need to stay OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES, open to the fact that certain modalities may help you, even if you know nothing about it.  You have to keep trying new things.  And most of all you have to keep moving forward.  Stop sulking in the now of “My skin is awful”, “I am overweight”, “I am shy”, “I wish I could run”…whatever it is.  Pitty carries no power (I learned that recently!).  So having pitty on yourself will get you nowhere.  Get proactive.  Start trying new things, start asking more questions, and sculpt the health/body/life you want!

3)You don’t know your ‘why’ behind doing something.  If you have no deeper meaning behind why you want to achieve a goal, you will never achieve that goal and maintain it.  If you are looking to lose weight for no other reason that to fit into a societal standard, to look good in pictures, or to be a certain size, you will not achieve that goal, and it will not last.  What else does weight loss mean to you?  I say this because if you give up wine/processed foods/start exercises or make any type of change to improve your health without a deeper meaning, you will eventually convince yourself that that wine is more important than a few pounds lost.  But is that wine more important than your deeper meaning? Does weight loss mean you will exude confidence, so that you can trust and empower yourself to move up in your company.  Does it mean you will trust yourself and your body to do something physically challenging.  Does it mean you will feel so damn sexy in a dress that you have no probably striking up conversations, and getting numbers, so that you can find the partner of your dreams?  These underlying wants and desires will keep you driven.  So ask yourself- how will weighing 145 as opposed to 165 make me a different/better/happier person.  Stop trying to weigh 145 because you think that means sexy/healthy.  Sexy and healthy means that you are confident, disease free, full of energy and on the road to a beautiful healthy life.  Not every person who weighs your ideal weight is sexy and healthy.  Food for thought?
For me, weighing my ideal weight means that I feel strong, sexy, and confident.  I am able to bring my whole self to my business and my personal life.  I don’t try to hide anything, because I feel positive about myself.  When my weight changes and my clothes fit tighter I tend to shy away from putting myself out there in the world, and this doesn’t help me with business or relationships at all!!!

4)   People are too quick to give up With so many quick fixes out there, it’s no wonder we yo yo diet and never maintain a consistent weight.  It’s much easier to take another pill then to retrain your brain to do things differently.  It’s much easier to pop in to a weight loss centre and follow a program, only to gain the weight back eventually than it is to start cooking all your own home cooked foods, start limiting the shitty processed foods you are eating, and get your butt off the couch EVERYDAY!  Right?  And it is tough.  But most of all, I want you to know that for me Optimal Health has taken 4 years to achieve, and I am still getting more and more optimal as the days go, with lots of area to improve (I am in a battle with my kidneys still!).

Anyways, I hope you find this inspiring, or you can get some good ideas flowing.

Most of all:
–       Don’t give up
–       Commit for the long haul
–       Retrain your brain
–       Seek support until you get what you want.
–       Don’t settle, and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are ‘stuck’.  

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