Top 10 ways to boost your energy

Did you know it isn't normal to go around day to day feeling tired?  Did you know you really shouldn't be yawning, wanting naps, stringing your day along with coffee?
I know most of you reading are probably thinking "Your not the one with kids, lady!", or "You have no idea what my workload is", or "Sure, she she has energy, she's half my age!!".
Well.  I am here to tell you from a stand point of "I have been there" that things can look differently for you.
I am sure if you have been reading my blogs for awhile you have seen me write about my health history.  I went many years feeling moody/grumpy/tired, taking 2 hour naps a day, unable to watch a full length movie!  I never had the energy I wanted to do all the things I wanted to do!  If I was super active on weekend in the mountains, my house suffered as I didn't have the energy to clean up after myself.  Most of the times I was invited to go out with my friends I would have rathered lay in bed then put the effort in to get ready and hang out.  Because I was always so tired I wasn't as productive, as cheerful, or as clear headed in my life.
For the past 2 years I have started 'giving it my all' in terms of creating the most Optimal Health for myself.  Since doing a variety of things I can solidly say that I have more energy than I need.  If I hike on a Sunday, I can still commute about 45 mintues to work, teach a fitness class, and work 9 hours.  I have the energy after work to cook, clean, hang out with friends, do whatever I want to do.
I have the energy to be hands out with my clients, and clear headed focussed on them and their goals.
Because I am feeling really great lately, I want to share with you a few tips that I have.  It is my goal that all people can live day to day as their happiest, healthiest self, and I figure I might as well figure it out myself first!!!
So here are my top 10 tips:
10)  Change your thoughts.  The more you drag yourself through the day thinking "6 hours left", "omg I am so tired today", "I need another coffee"…whatever it is you are telling yourself, it's gotta go.  Just watch your thoughts for one day.  This can have a powerful effect on all areas of your life.  For the sake of this blog, start replacing all those negative, I am tired thoughts with "Wow, what a nice day", "I feel great, and rested, and I can't wait to relax after work", "I am full of enthusiasm today because of the gratitude I have for ______".  Whatever it is, this is where you need to start!  If you continue to tell yourself you are exhausted, you always will be, but this isn't the be all end all, please read on πŸ™‚
9)  Get 8 hours of sleep per night.  Without 7-8 hours of sleep you will never feel rested.  So much happens in our sleep to repair and recover.  Stop looking for a quick fix to energy, and start sleeping.  I take a product each day that brings me lots of energy, and I am happy to share it with people, but only if they are sleeping properly (and following all these other steps)!!
8)  Find out if you should be supplementing with anything.  Certain people, living in certain places, with certain lifestyle characteristics may be deficient in certain vitamins or minerals.  Find out what they are, and get them into you!!!
7)  Get rid of shit that brings you down.  People, your own thoughts, memories in the house, jobs, whatever it is.  I really don't care πŸ™‚  No matter how tied you are to it, if something in your immediate life is making you unhappy it's gotta go.  Energy and happiness go hand in hand, so if something is sucking dry your happiness, you will never have energy.  Don't be afraid to make a change.
6)  Eat whole, nutrient filled foods.  Stop eating junk.  Anything in a package is processed, sure it has calories/carbs/fat/protein, but it doesn't have nutrients.  Nutrients give you energy.  And do this consistenly.  Remember that these changes won't happen overnight, and they shouldn't.  Just by cutting out junk food for a week doesn't mean you will get a surge of energy.  You need to give your body time to rebuild itself with nutritious foods, and this might take years!!!
5)  See a chiropractor.  I am going to make an entire post on this, so I won't write too much here.
4)  Drink water.  Even when you don't think you are thirsty, your cells are thirsty.  Anytime you feel foggy in the brain, tired, sluggish, grumpy, you are exercising, grab a big glass of water and down it.
3)  Set up a reasonable amount of exercise into your schedule.  For years I thought that without an hour a day of cardio I was going to get fat and out of shape.  This meant sometimes I was at the gym at 1030 pm on a Friday night, just to make sure I got it in.  Holy doodle, when I look back I think I was a bit crazy!  When you overexercise your body is not relaxed, and you will never have energy!  "Move" as much as you can, possible, but exercising 3-5 days a week is good enough (and necessary for energy!!!).
2)  Meditate in the morning.  Ok, people told me to do this for years, and I RESISTED LIKE CRAZY.  No way, sleep was more important to me, I didn't see the benefits of meditation.  Until recently.  Every day I have clients at 6 or 630 am.  So for me this means meditating from 5-520 am!  Since I have started this morning practice I have noticed the hugest surge in my attitude, which directly affects your energy.  When you wake up, and start your morning slow, giving your brain some time to ease in to the day, the rest of your day runs so smoothly.  I turn on some nature sounds, and set a timer.  It has been working wonders for me, and it doesn't take anything special.  Just breathe deep into your belly and let your thoughts do their thing.  Try and focus on your breath, that's it!
1)  Take time to yourself to do what you truly want to do.  When we rush around for work or commitments to others, or crash and watch TV, we actually aren't going anything to clear our mind, and give ourselves a break.  What really fills you with joy and love?  For me, just simply taking the time to do my hair and makeup makes me happy!  Other times I book a hair appointment, I go to the float house, I meditate over a cup of coffee, I go for  walk on the beach and listen to a podcast.  I ask myself in the moment "what do I truly want to do right now".  This has helped me tremendously.  The more we just go through the daily grind, the more resistance we have towards life, the shittier we feel, the less energy we have!  We have daily duties that we need to do to stay a productive member of society, but what else outside of that are you doing to REALLY boost your spirits/energy?
Notice I didn't say drink coffee πŸ™‚  Coffee is a quick fix.  I love a cup here or there, but it isn't something to rely on πŸ™‚

I hope this article helps you in your continued pursuit of health and fitness!

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