You Missed Out :) And…..I did a Chin up!!!!

Saturday was a great success!

Laura and I presented to a lucky group about how to optimize your fitness and nutrition in the gym and the kitchen.  I know we all learned a lot that afternoon.  We are sure to hold another event, so stay tuned for more information.

I will be posting tid bits from the event on facebook over the next few weeks.  If you haven't like me on facebook you can find the link here:

On another note….

What Kind of Goals Have you Accomplished Lately?

As a person, athlete, community member, whatever you want to call yourself, it is important to be continuing to work towards SOMETHING.  Some kind of goal, something to strive for.  When we aren't moving forward, we are either staying stagnant in our life and fitness or getting worse!

For the past year or so I have been working hard to develop a stronger back.  Until I started my personal training business I had always placed so much focus on cardio cardio cardio.  I did weights here and there, but as never fully committed to them.  Last May I put myself on a program that I stuck to for the summer, followed that up with another program over the winter, followed by a new program I have been working on this year.

By working my back regularly I noticed feeling and seeing new muscles pop up, and feeling stronger.  So last Friday I did some sprints to warm up and before I started my 'negative' chin ups (a way of practicing them to get ready to do a full one) I decided to see if I could do a full one.  I grabbed that bar and engaged my core and back and full on LIFTED MYSELF OFF THE GROUND!!!!  Do you know how good it feels to accomplish something you had worked so hard to do for so long?

I had been feeling a little inadequate as a personal trainer that I couldn't do a chin up.  I felt like all the real fit trainers could do them.  But I kept reminding myself that if I kept working hard, I could do it!  I definitely fell off track many many times.  I got sidetracked by other goals, by teaching fitness classes, and by other fitness priorities, but in the end I did it!!

My moral of this post?  Don't just exercise aimlessly  Pick a goal and stick to it  It's the only way to stay motivated, the only way to celebrate successes, the only way to continue to strive for better and better from yourself!!!  Also, never let yourself, or someone else tell you you can't do something.  I told myself for a long time that my strength to body weight ratio was no good, and I probably would never be able to do a chin up.  Well I proved myself wrong, and you should try it too!!!

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