2 more days to sign up, and only a few spots left :)

Estrogen works against the action of insulin and testosterone, making it a belly fat storing hormone in women. When our estrogen is low, we don’t use insulin as well, and glucose is left floating around in our bloodstream.  Progesterone generally helps to balance and prevent this, but stress affects progesterone. So  we need to decrease stress, to increase progesterone to decrease waist fat!  When our estrogen and progesterone are in balance it helps the body to be more sensitive to insulin and has fat loss and muscle building benefits.  Therefore Estrogen has an anti cortisol effect, meaning that it helps to further prevent belly fat storage.

What the heck does all of that mean?  How can I balance out these hormones to optimize my body composition and weight loss:

Saturday May 31st from 1-4 pm.  Hormone and metabolism workshop!  You will be sad to miss it.  Register in advance here:


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