Growth Hormone and Testosterone- Why do we WANT Them?

Growth hormone has a positive effect on our hair, nails, and skin.  It also decreases the fat tissue on our body, has anti aging effects, boosts our metaboslim, and decreases our cholesterol levels.  Growth hormone increases the amount of calcium absorbed, which will help us in prevention of osteoporosis, it increases our protein synthesis,  which helps us to use our protein to builder stronger muscles.

Growth hormone also improves our ability to use glucose as a source of fuel, helping us prevent diseases associated with glucose intolerance such as Diabetes, and increases our efficiency in the gym.   As a result we require less glucose uptake, more free fatty acids are mobilized and more glucose is produced in the liver, as a result all of this preserves plasma glucose concentrations for the CNS and muscle functions!

It also helps the pancreas to produce insulin, glucagon and ghrelin, 3 important hormones for optimizing our weight, hunger, and fullness levels.  Clearly growth hormone is extremely important for women, on top of it’s role in helping us to build strong muscles.   

Testosterone has powerful anti aging effects.  We all want to look great and live longer, and a lot of this comes from testosterone!  Low testosterone has in fact been linked to higher mortality rates in men. 

Testosterone also increases our free fatty acid mobilization and decreases glucose uptake, helping us burn more fat as fuel rather than carbs when we exercise. 

Want to learn how to optimize these hormones, as well as Cortisol, Insulin, and Estrogen?  And boost your Metabolism? 

Don’t miss out on our 3 hour workshop, where we will cover all these topics and more!  You need to pre register here:

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