Did you know I started a second business?

 I am super excited to share this news with you!

Recently I have had some major changes in my personal life, which resulted in me moving from my apartment.  It was bit last minute, and I wasn’t able to make a decision on where I wanted to move.  Instead I decided to stay with friends, and also do 11 days cat sitting for a friend of a friend.

I am loving it!  I feel like I am on vacation every day, I get to hang out with two pretty awesome cats, and I am keeping someone’s pets and home safe, so they don’t have to worry.  Also, the fact that I am saving money on living expenses is wonderful, and I am thoroughly enjoying putting those funds towards my continuing education in my personal training business, oh and some new workout clothes too!  I’ve done my research, and realized this is a great opportunity for me at this time because I don’t have kids, I love animals but am not ready for one of my own right now, and I have an extremely flexible business that allows me to do a second business quite easily!  I grew up with dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, and am truly an animal person.

So, here is my ask.

If you know anyone who is looking for a pet or house sitter, and you feel I am a trustworthy person, could you pass on my name?

I have a great website found here:
Which details all of my services and prices!
Thanks for the support!

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