I am Teaching a New Class at the YWCA!

Do you have tight muscles?  Aches and pains?  Sore wrists or lower back?  Workout hard but then get injured or sick?  Want a killer workout that will actually help your body to feel and move better?

You Need to Come Check out my MOVEMENT AND MOBILITY CLASS!!!

At the YWCA, Wednesday mornings, 745- 830 am.

I start the class with 20 minutes of warm up, dynamic stretching foam rolling to get the body working and feeling better.  I love to educate, so you are sure to learn something about how your body works!!


20 minutes of INTENSE activity.  No matter what your fitness level, I will ensure you get a killer workout for 20 minutes.  All types of exercises, and I change them week by week!


5 minutes of good solid stretches, perhaps some you have never done before!

–  Get your workout in before work!
–  Learn a bit more about your body, rather than always killing it in the gym.
–  Have fun πŸ™‚

Free for members of the YWCA!

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