Let’s Share Some Recipes!

One of the most common thing people are looking for on top of their personal training sessions with me is ideas for healthy recipes.

Sometimes this stumps me.  I am not one for wanting to spend hours in the kitchen, and generally I am a "eating for fuel" kind of person, rather than "eating for pleasure".  What I mean by that is I love all foods, and find that there aren't too many meals that I make that I don't enjoy, even when it's super plain and basic.

So I thought we could help each other out!

If you make up a delicious recipe that you would like to share then you can post it in two ways:

1)  If you have Pinterest, find my page here:

You can then find my Health Recipe Sharing Board.  Once you want to start adding to it just send me an e-mail to katherine@optimal-health-coaching.com and I will add you as a contributor!!

2)  You can find my facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/KatherineTaylorFitnessAndHealth?ref=hl and you can post it to the group!

If you have no social media accounts, why don't you e-mail it to me and I can always include it in my blog!

Fitness and health is a journey better shared with a variety of people!

If you have a friend looking for recipe Ideas you can always forward them my pinterest and facebook page!

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