Hunger & Fullness

" I eat 5-6 meals a day to balance out my blood sugar"

" I skip breakfast because I do my workouts on an empty stomach to burn more fat"

"I eat 3 big meals a day and avoid snacking to cut out extra calories"

These are just a few of the ways I hear people describe their diet.  No one every say's "I eat when I am hungry"…..

Over the past year I have had an ongoing journey with my own eating patterns/habits/style.  I came to the conclusion that I was so completely out of sync with how and why I was eating!  I could go on and out about how out of sorts my eating habits used to be, but after I cleaned them up a bit I still realized I wasn't eating out of true hunger!  I was eating because it was 730 am, time for breakfast, I was eating because I was stressed that I wouldn't get a good meal in later, I was eating to meet a protein or carb requirement for the day, I was eating to avoid thinking/doing.

Hunger means that your stomach is growling, you are growing low in energy/focus/concentration, you find yourself getting colder/moody etc.  This is when you should eat!  Realistically not for any other reasons πŸ™‚  (I am not denying that we should all eat for pleasure once in a while, remember the 80/20 or 90/10 rule!

Fullness means that YOU NO LONGER ARE HUNGRY!  It doesn't mean your plate is empty, or you are stuffed.  It means that your stomach isn't growling anymore, you feel energy, and you can save the rest for later.

How often do you eat like this?

Over the past few weeks i have done an elimination diet to find out some of my food allergies that are affecting a chronic health condition I have.  I am going to post more about this later, but for now let me just share this one thought.

The biggest thing I realized from eating kale/chicken/rice/ and pears only for 3 weeks was that I truly only need to eat like 1/4-1/2 of what I was eating!  There were meals and days that I looked down at my plate and thought "no way am I eating that right now, I am soo tired of it", and as a result I skipped a meal.  Only to find out I still have enough energy to go through my day and workouts.

I am 100 % not advocating skipping meals, or restricting calories, but instead figuring out what your body needs!

So I challenge you to journal, and ask yourself this- why are you eating?  Especially if you struggle with your weight, get in tune with your body.  Start Listening!!! When you listen to your body there is no need for quick fixes, diets, gimmicks etc.

With love and health,


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