At What Point Do you Take Your Health Seriously?

Unfortunately with health it often takes:

–  A health issue to arise (minor heart attack, Type II Diabetes, a cancer diagnosis, an injury) in yourself, or in a loved one.
–  An unhappy feeling with your body, how it looks or how it performs.
–  Having an injury that you need to rehab from.

It is not as common for people to say:

–  "I want to get fit to prevent disease, and maintain my health"
–  I want to get fit to feel happy, strong, and confident.
–   I know the importance of physical activity in staying healthy in both my body and mind as I age.
–  I know the importance of physical activity in maintaining good posture.

I was sent this article this week:

Basically the premise of the article is how when Dr.'s prescribe physical activity people take it much more seriously!  I think the initiative is great from the Queen's students.  I think that the first thing medical professional of all sorts should as is "  Tell me about your physical activity and nutrition"  (Followed by tell me about your sleep, stress, sex life, and relationships, but that's another blog).

I guess I often assume that everyone knows how great physical activity for all aspects of physical, mental, and emotional well being, and perhaps they don't!  Or perhaps, like I previous stated…people wait for the worst.

Here is a great article you can read about how physical activity prevents disease and makes us live longerF1.medium:
(Mets is basically your level of intensity with activity)

"We confirm that there is irrefutable evidence of the effectiveness of regular physical activity in the primary and secondary prevention of several chronic diseases (e.g., cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression and osteoporosis) and premature death. We also reveal that the current Health Canada physical activity guidelines are sufficient to elicit health benefits, especially in previously sedentary people. There appears to be a linear relation between physical activity and health status, such that a further increase in physical activity and fitness will lead to additional improvements in health status".

As I stated earlier, I firmly believe whether you are visiting a Naturopath, Medical Doctor, Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner, etc. one of the easiest ways to get and keep people healthy is through physical activity.

So why wait?  Why not make it a priority now?  Why not understand the benefits and get going?  And perhaps you are- then it's time to get your family and friends going too!  You are going to be strong and active until a ripe old age and you will need friends and family to join you on your wonderful journey!

Let's call this a motivational article for today- GET GOING :):)

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