Spring is here…quick drop 10 pounds for summer!!!


If you were thinking about this lately, please read on, this blog is for you!

So if you know me, you might know I am not a huge fan of some of the typical fitness inspirational quotes out there.

For example:
“Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels”
“It’s easy to get up early in the morning than to look in the mirror and feel bad about yourself later”

Even magazine articles on ‘top 10 ab blasters’ drive me nuts. 
etc.  (These are just three I saw in the past week).

At Optimal Health Coaching I prefer a little more holistic, realistic, positive approach to fitness.  Building people up to feel like whole full, happy people, rather than making people feel crappy about skipping a workout or eating an extra cookie. 

Which is why I am not a huge fan of advertising myself in terms of “getting ready for summer, look hot in a bikini, work hard now to show it off on the beach this summer”.  There is nothing wrong with you, and whether or not summer is coming you should be working hard regardless, and flaunting a biking regardless of whether you pushed to lose those 10 pounds before summer or not. 


I will be honest and say that summer does mean we wear less clothes overall, are more exposed, are more likely to be outdoors doing physical activity, and therefore I do want to ensure that EVERYONE feels, looks, and performs good this summer.  To me I think it’s important to want to get fitter, or eat healthier for summer for yourself and no one else.  Who cares what your friends think, or the other people on the beach, if you want to get slimmer for summer make sure you are doing it for you and only you.  Personally I think that this is a huge issue in society.  I also think it’s extremely refreshing when you see someone who by societies standards wouldn’t be considered ‘perfect’ behaves, dresses, and acts in a confident beautiful manner.  That’s sexy to me!!!

Also, check in with your mindset.  Are you already a super hot lady, but for some reason you have it in your mind you need to drop an extra 10-20 pounds?  You are hot now, don’t stress out about changing your body for summer!  I think your strong, fit, athletic, curvy (whatever kind of body you have) with a personality, confidence, smooth moves, and the ability to talk to people will get you a lot further with having fun on the beach than ensuring you are a size 4, 6, 8 with abs, whatever.

Check in with your lifestyle?  Are you always gaining weight in the winter and losing it for summer?  I am going to guess you don’t have very sustainable activity and nutrition pattern.  This summer, challenge yourself to get active and eat in a sustainable way so that you can feel good in your clothes year round! 

I guess I am getting pretty opinionated here, and you don’t have to agree with me or not.  Just now that I personally believe we should all stay active and eat healthy to be healthy, and as a result we get nice smoking hot bodies. 

So let’s finish on some sort of positive ‘take away note’ :
1)    Don’t use this blog as an excuse to eat whatever you want and not work out as much because you are already super hot and can rock a bikini with confidence (remember, health first).
2)    Use this a reminder that we should be trying our best year round!
3)    Use this as a reminder that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 
4)    Hire a trainer or coach that is going to use a positive encouraging, ‘you are already enough’ attitude rather than drill it into your brain that unless you do a million burpees your going to have a saggy butt on the beach. 
5)    Sometimes when summer comes around we realize we might not have worked as hard throughout the year and we are in fact unhappy with you we feel and look at the time.  This is totally ok, and perhaps this is a positive opportunity for you to get some help, get on track with a good solid exercise and eating routine.

So what can you do TODAY to ensure you are going to feel great about yourself come summer?
Well…first of all just decide that you are great already..and then….
1)    Go for a walk, or run, gym session or bike ride, start small if you haven’t been very active lately.
2)    Ensure you have a balanced meal for dinner tonight with protein, proper fat sources, lots of veggies, and some carbs.
3)    Get 8 hours of sleep.
4)    Deal with your stress.
5)    And repeat tomorrow- you will be ready for the beach in not time!!!

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