Optimal Health Coaching Snow Shoe Trip

Optimal Health Coaching Snowshoe Trip

When: Sunday March 30th 9:45 AM.  Please arrive early to find parking (if you plan on taking the bus up) as you can’t park at the community centre. 
Where: Dog Mountain (up at Seymour mountain).
Who: Optimal Health Coaching clients and friends/family!
Why: To have fun, and see all our hard work in the gym paying off!  To celebrate one year of Optimal Health Coaching! 

We will all meet at the Parkgate Community Centre in North Vancouver (at the bottom of the hill up to Mount Seymour).  Take a look at the map here:  https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Parkgate+Community+Services+Society/@49.3184288,-122.9709921,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x54867a42995637db:0xa71c5a19ee790079

If there is enough room to carpool we will all head up the mountain together.  If not, extra passengers can take the Mount Seymour Shuttle Bus.  It leaves the community center at 10:05 that morning.  It costs $6 each way of travel. 

We will all head up to the top of the mountain together.

We will snowshoe DOG MOUNTAIN.  You can read more about it here:
It is a 5 km (approx. 2 hour) snowshoe.  Relatively flat.  It is great for beginners with a base level of fitness.  This was my first snowshoe!  I will ensure we all stick together, and no one gets left behind.  The day will be enjoyable for all J.  At the mid way point we reach a beautiful view overlooking the city (as long as it isn’t foggy).  We will do the snowshoe rain or shine!  So bring some waterproof gear!

What to bring: 
–       Winter jacket and snow pants
–       Water proof boots (that can strap into snowshoes)
–       Hat/gloves/scarf
–       Extra set of clothes to change in to after (extra gloves as well).
–       Base layer of clothes should not be cotton.
–       Snowshoes and poles (I have rental instructions below).
–       Lots of water.
–       If you feel more comfortable with a flashlight, compass, extra food etc. please bring them.  We shouldn’t be getting lost, but it’s always better to be prepared. 

Snowshoe Rentals
Two options:
1)   Rent from Mountain Equipment Coop before hand.  They charge $12 for a one-day rental.  We have a store on Broadway in Vancouver.
2)   Rent from Mt Seymour.  On their website they advertise $27 for snowshoe rental and trail pass (we don’t need a trail pass, as we are going on a public trail).  You could most likely rent the snowshoes for a cheaper price on their own once we get to the top of the mountain. 

Only bring any special snacks/lunch you want.  I will be bringing some drinks/healthy treats & food for all of us!!
Please feel free to bring any friends or family members who would be interested!  RSVP with me in advance (by Friday March 28th), so I can pack enough treats! 

Katherine’s cell:  604-353-1116

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