Why I am extremely proud of myself :)!!!

Why I am EXTREMELY proud of myself.

You know what March 1st means to me?

Exactly 1 year since I quit my full time job to pursue my own Personal Training Business.

Exactly 1 year since I decided to follow my dreams, rather than work for someone else’s.

Exactly 1 year since I said bye bye to steady income (for a short period J).

Exactly 1 year since I trusted myself, and relied on others to help me get to where I wanted to go.

Exactly 1 year since I went from knowing 0% about owning a business to owning one!

Exactly 1 year since I started one of the biggest roller coaster journeys of my life, but one of the best ones!

Exactly 1 year since I started changing lives.  Since I started teaching people, telling people, coaching people on how to finally transform their health in an optimal, sustainable manner.

Exactly 1 year since I put myself out there on the line, and went through one of the greatest personal development changes I have ever gone through.  A year since I threw all my self talk, and garbage talk about how ‘I wasn’t fit enough’ or ‘ I wasn’t small enough’ or ‘ I wasn’t outgoing enough’ to be a trainer.

Exactly 1 year since I jumped into the unknown!  And exactly 1 year since I proved to myself that anything is possible.

In LESS than one year I built myself up to a sustainable client base and level of success.  I think that this happened from a combination of passion to bring optimal health to the lives of anyone who is willing to listen, as well as the drive/dedication and motivation to do whatever it takes.  I think one of my biggest strengths was learning as much as I could from the other successful entrepreneurs I sought out, and asking for help.

I want to take a moment to thank every single person who has helped me to get where I am after this one year.  My boyfriend Kyle has been a tremendous help in supporting me financially, emotionally, and being my guinea pig for new training ideas I come across.  I need to thank all my friends from my ACT group, who for 75 days challenged me to get out of my box, think big, and don’t back down.  And I would like to thank my friends and family for always believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.  I would like to thank all those health professionals I work with who have listened to me, emailed me, and called me when times got REALLY rough!  I would also like to think all my amazing clients who support me by showing up at my talks/events, and who trust my knowledge and desire to support them in their journey!

I you are thinking about doing anything new in your life in this point in time, I encourage you, with enough dedication and drive, commitment, and PATIENCE, you can do it.

If I hadn’t started my own business I wouldn’t have the time, and financial freedom to enjoy my day EVERY day.  The opportunity to get to know so many amazing new people, to learn so many new skills.  I wouldn’t have the opportunity to take my health so seriously.  To budget enough time to exercise, cook, and manage my stress as needed to help control my chronic kidney condition.

And most of all, I wouldn’t realize how powerful, committed, and inspiring of an individual I can be when I put my mind to it.

Thank you for listening to me praise myself and those that have helped me got here, and share in my joy at this time.

I appreciate you all,


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