Top 15 foods to have in the kitchen at ALL times

My Top 15 Foods to Have in the Kitchen at ALL Times.

In our society of hectic lifestyles it becomes increasingly challenging to choose the right foods for our health, and healthy weight maintenance.  We often get stuck with no good food in the fridge that we can prepare quick, and no good choices at the dining locations close by.  I am noticing more and more lately the importance of cooking and preparing food at home consistently.  We have been cooking twice a week now for about a year, and eating the same kinds of foods for a few days at a time.  This goes well, but takes a lot of preparation.

I firmly believe that without time and dedication spent in the kitchen, we will not live optimally and maintain our best health.  I believe disease prevention starts in the kitchen!

To make this easier for us we:
1.     Tend to batch cook on Sunday and Wednesday night, it’s already in the calendar, and we don’t block other things during this time.
2.     We spend time choosing recipes for foods we are VERY excited to try.
3.     We keep our ’15 basics’ stocked so that we always know what’s around when cooking/baking.
We also spend a lot less money on food!

If you want to get started on cooking more, I suggest that getting the following 15 ingredients into your cupboards/diet regularly, you will find cooking a lot simpler, as you won’t always be rushing off to the grocery store, or debating what to make for dinner!

What are some staples that you should keep in the house that end up being part of any good healthy recipe?
1.   Coconut oil– the best source of oil for cooking at high heats, and tastes delicious.  Buy a big tub J
2.    Avocados- Delicious.  Great in smoothies to make them smoother!  Can be added to literally anything to add flavour, and get a healthy fat source in that meal.
3.     Sweet potatoes- Never get old.  Can cook them in so many ways.
4.     Apples/pears/bananas.  I find when I go to pack fruit for lunch I am less likely to grab an orange or berries, as I know they are more time consuming to eat.   An apple is good for anytime!
5.   Eggs- Like sweet potatoes, never get old, and can be cooked up to taste delicious in so many ways.  Great quick source of protein.
6.    Leafy greens. Can be sautéed, thrown into a salad/soup/stew, can add a handle to any meal to bulk it up.  Kale, chard, and spinach are my favourite.  We tend to lay any meal we cook on a bed of lettuce.
7.   Quinoa- great protein and carb source.  Can make a ton of meal ideas from this one ingredient.
8.   Almond milk. Add to chia seeds/nuts/flax seeds/coconut for a homemade granola.  Great in teas, or with a tablespoon of peanut butter!
9.     Peanut butter/Almond butter.  Tasty!  Perfect craving buster.
10.   Turnips/eggplant/beets/parsnips- A pan of these guys roasted together once a week is delicious, hearty, and full of energy!
11.   Raw honey- my favourite natural sweetener.
12. Flavoured balsamic vinegar, and olive oil–  A teaspoon of each spices up a salad perfectly without using a crappy salad dressing!
13. Hummus! I find when hummus is in the house my veggie consumption sky rockets.  Raw veggies with hummus is a perfect snack or appetizer.  Bonus points if you make your own!
14. Garlic, onion, mushrooms, and ginger. Your perfect trio to add in huge quantities to everything you cook.  Naturally fight of infections, colds, and are a perfect alternative to adding salt loaded bottled spices.
15. Lemons. Great to improve digestion when you have them in water, as well as a perfect topping to any nicely prepared dish.  I don’t know what it does- but it sure makes a lot of things taste better!

I think the best part is if you fill your fridge and cupboards with all these foods, you won’t have room for junk food!  And by filling up on these foods first, 80 % of the time you will most likely feel great, have more energy, and then when treats come around you can feel free to enjoy because you’ve done so well with your diet the rest of the time.
Remember, these are the foods that work for us.  Pay attention to your body and ensure that you feel great, and digest all these foods well, for YOU πŸ™‚

What is a staple in your house?

Did you see the youtube video, where I did a tour of our fridge?

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