Why losing weight is simple, but NOT EASY

Why Losing Weight is Simple, but NOT EASY
There are programs that make it easy, I am sure you know many of them.  Why do they have such a high relapse rate?  Because when you make changing life long habits and patterns such an easy task for people, these changes don’t last.

To lose weight we need to:
1.     Eat a wide variety of healthy foods in a caloric deficit (burn off more than we consume).
2.     Exercise 3-5 days a week in a combination of resistance training, cardio, and stretching/yoga/mediation.
3.     Manage our stress levels and sleep 8 hours a night.
4.     Keep in contact with a medical professional who can help balance our hormones, and metabolic functions.
5.     Stay emotional connected, and in relationships to foster our spirit and happiness.

I was able to summarize for you how to lose weight in 5 bullet points, should be easy right?
It’s not EASY.  And that’s because temptations, and social occasions, and emotions, and family, and work, and relationships, and illness, and fear, and desire, and motivation, and opportunity, etc. all get in the way.
And it’s not up to willpower.  It’s not up to how strong and dedicated you are as a person.  It’s not up to your genetics.
Losing weight is simple, but not easy, because it takes small gradual changes that add up over time (sometimes many, many years) (on top of overall desire for change) to create your Optimal Health.  When you have reached Optimal health, as a result you will as a side effect have achieved your healthy, desired weight.

So how do we make these changes over time?
–       Each meal is an opportunity to make a better choice.
–       Each day is an opportunity to aim for a small calorie deficit (100-500 calories)
–       Each city has a program/trainer that runs a group or class that will interest you!
–       Each night is a new night to get to bed earlier, in a darker room, for a more restful sleep.
–       Each condition has a treatment WHEN you find the right medical professional.
–       Each person you meet is a person who may enrich your life, and bring you joy.

My Oma shared with me today that she was starting to write her book again.  She said that her 500-page book had become a daunting task, and she had therefore been neglecting it.  With a recent change of perspective she actually decided to look at her writing as she does with her art.  With her art she does a small chunk here or there as desired and when inspired, and as a result comes out with beautiful masterpieces.  She was going to start treating her writing in this more approachable manner in order to get it done.  I share this story to relate it to health and fitness.  If you have a massive health and fitness goal, work at it in chunks, make it enjoyable, do it in a way that inspires you, and overtime you’ll get there!  Rather than planning on writing that 500 page book in half a year and getting it published and making millions, set out habits to get it done!  One step closer is better than no step at all!

Think outside of the box! For me, what brought me to my optimal and sustainable health and weight was:
–       Giving up dieting
–       Finding exercise that motivated me, rather than exercise I dreaded
–       Hired trainers and coaches to support me.
–       Committed to 8 hours of sleep a night.
–       Hired acupuncturists/homeopaths/chiropractors, and others to support me with some chronic conditions I have.
–       Committed to the relationship, the friends, and the family in my life that support and encourage me for who I am!

As a result I am fitter, healthier, and happier than ever.
By focusing on all these positives, working with a professional, and ensuring that your small changes become habits and patterns over time, this is how you make the simple rules to losing weight EASY AND SUSTAINABLE.  When being healthy, and fit, and happy become parts of your life, and not just things you are doing in the short term to drop ten pounds/fit in a dress/run a marathon then they last forever πŸ™‚

Post to my facebook wall about what habit you will start today to bring you closer to health ~ Get the conversation started J

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