My Go- To Websites

My Go-TO Websites. 

Here are my top 5 favourite resources for health and fitness information, and discussions!

–       Check out “BroScience”, “Health Optimized- with Rita Catolino”, and “The Outlaws of Health Show”
o   They also all have facebook pages
o   Hilarious and informative podcasts.  Goes against a lot of mainstream thinking.
o   Critical thinkers
o   Super awesome website about a lady who LIFTS, EATS, And has brought together a fabulous group of people who are TIRED of fad diets, and are changing their relationship with food and activity.
o   This site and her facebook group ‘eating the food’ have been a great resource in helping to shape my relationship with food.
Free Recipes:
–       I use pinterest.  I search “paleo crockpot”, or whatever I am looking to cook that day!
–       This is where I get ALL my recipes!
–       I like a lot of the posts from:
–       My board is : if you want to follow me and I will find the healthy recipes for you!
Fitness Ideas:
–       I use to get a lot of ideas for exercises and workout programs, as well as dicussion and forums.
–       This shouldn’t be  a website you use instead of hiring a trainer, because just trying workouts and exercises on here may lead to injuries, but it is definitely a great supplement!
–       You need to be able to weed through what is fad and what is good solid information, and I can help you do that if you have any questions
–       I also use
–       I would suggest finding a blogger/instagrammer/facebook page that inspires you to be the best you can be!
–       Some of my favourite right now are:

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