What type of exercise is best?

It's such a common question.  What way of eating is best?  Paleo?  Vegan?  Low carb?  Cut Calories?  And how should I exercise low weight high reps, high weight low reps, yoga? pilates? running?


And there is no final answer.  Well, Actually, the true answer from what I believe is we should be doing a bit of everything!  Lift heavy heavy things in low reps (deadlifts, squats, bench, presses, olympic style lifts), do some accessory exercises with more of a muscular endurance approach (lunges, chin ups, push ups, shoulder retraction and glute activation exercises, all the while fitting is some interval sprints, stretching/yoga and a pilates class here and there.  And that's just the basics!!

Obviously for the average person trying to fit this amount of variety in your activity in is next to impossible!  So my best words of advice?  Try them all and find what you like, what you look forward to doing, what you hate missing, what makes your body look and feel and function good!  Whatever you choose, if you love it and stick to it you will be successful in the end.

I always think it's funny when someone who does pilates is absolutely closed to hearing any alternative then doing pilates.  Or a trainer who solely lifts weights and sees this as the be all end all to fitness.  I mean I guess I should give them 'props', they are standing by what they truly believe in.  I believe that not everyone should fit into one style for fitness, but fitness should fit into everyone's life!

On the other hand…any great trainer can help provide you with a full well rounded program that brings all these aspects of fitness to your life!!! hint hint πŸ™‚

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