Happy New Years!!! Are you making resolutions?

Happy New Years!

I trust you all have a fun filled bringing in of the new year, or a casual night (if that's what your into).

Many people will be making resolutions today and tomorrow.  Honestly, I think it's great!  But, what I don't think is great is how often they are forgotten and not carried through.

I'd like to share my resolutions with you, as well as give you tips to make sure yours come true.

As I am writing this (Nov) I haven't quite finalized what my resolutions will be.  I know for sure the following will be on the list:
1.  Foam roll and stretch 10 minutes a day.
2.  Compete in a powerlifting/olympic lifting competition.
3.  Stress less (not sure what this means exactly yet) but will definitely include a combination of meditation, yoga, journalling, gratitude, breathing, mindfulness etc.
4.  Connection with friends!!! Making social occasions more of a priority in my life, connecting on a weekly basis, and picking up the phone more often.
5.  Work with accupuncture, chiropractic and homeopothy to continue to work towards optimal health.  Currently I struggle with Polycystic ovarian syndrome, as a well as a degenerative chronic kidney disease.  Because I take my health seriously I have no real side effects, but I would like to be diagnosis free- and 2014 will be the year to do it!!!
6.  Travel in August for 2-3 weeks (Europe?).

This is what I have so far.  The list may change by the time it is new years!  What do you have for goals so far?

Here are a few tips to help plan your goals:
1.  Be realistic.  If you have never exercised before, don't say you are going to start 3-5 days a week.  Set a goal such as "I am going to find a class/trainer/gym that I enjoy going to and will try a variety of classes until I find something I can commit to".  Set yourself to start making your goals a lifestyle, not just a GOAL.
2.  Be specific.  If you have a financial goal, be specific to how much more you want to make/earn/profit.  How do you plan on doing it?
3.  Join a support group, or do it with a buddy.  From my experience people don't have the willpower or drive to complete their goals without a group support.  If there is something you'd like to tackle in your life you have never tackled, what makes you think you can do something differently now to make them happen?  By working with support and friends they can help trouble shoot and hold you accountable!  I am a great support buddy too!
4.  Make a plan of action.  Take out a calendar and plan your action steps through the entire year and post that up somewhere.  Yes sure things will change as you go, but that calendar will remind you how serious you were when you set the goal.
5.  Think outside of the box.  Don't just go with the traditional diet, exercise, weight loss, money goals.  What about the other areas of your life that are lacking?  Do an honest review of where you are at and see what's missing.  Are you happy?  If not, what's holding you back?  Some of the best ways to lose weight sustainably are:  take cooking classes, learn about nutrition, join a leisure activity that gets you out of the house nightly (walking group, sport team), join a meetup group that discusses stress, body image, inflammation in the body, topics that will help you live a more well rounded life.

Contact me if you want to set your 2014 goals together!  katherine@optimal-health-coaching.com

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