Party Pleasing Cocktails.

We are smack in the middle of the biggest socializing time of the year!  How are you coping?

I know for me, I rarely drink, when around Christmas time when I head home to Ontario (and currently I am actually in Costa Rica) there are many celebratory drinks to be had.  I decide to not stress about it too much, enjoy myself, as I know I will be back into my lifestyle come January, no severe damage done!

Although I am drinking at this time of year, I know 3 things about my drinking style.  #1:  I get drunk wayyy too quickly.  #2:  My blood sugars plummet and I get tired and snacky after a few hours without a drink (If I have already had a couple), #3:  Although I enjoy a few drinks at Christmas, I don't enjoy them enough to not fit into my pants come January, so I want something 'lower in calories'.

Here are my suggestions (and what I plan on sticking to over the holidays):

1.  Wine spritzers.  I will most likely buy a sparkling water and mix a big glass of wine and sparkling water with ice cubes.  This way I am at least not getting dehydrated as I drink, and consuming less wine overall.  (this helps with #1 and 3 for sure).

2.  I will stick to straight alcohol with a low calorie mix.  For example you could do vodka and water and lemon/lime.  (64 calories a drink).  I will most likely have amaretto on the rocks with a few lemon slices squeezed in.  There is plenty more sugar and calories (100) in this drink, but at least I will enjoy it that much more over the holidays.  There is no point in having a few drinks if they aren't even tasty!

3.  Alternate an alcoholic drink with another drink.  This may sound lame, but it helps with #1,2, and 3!  By alternating with a glass of lemon water, an herbal tea, a glass of water with a sprinkle of juice, or whatever other low sugar drinks you enjoy then in the end you drink less, and don't end up spiking the blood sugars too crazy high all at once (and crashing later).

I hope these tips help you.  I try to make them realistic for people to enjoy the holiday's at the same time not totally jumping off the deep end and then feeling guilty about it after!

Need more tips?

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