Candy Cane Recipe- Sure to be a hit!!

We all now Christmas is a time of those amazing bakers and cooks to show off their delicious creations, and to enjoy their delicious creations!  But sometimes too much sugar is just too much!

I don't believe we should all jump on board the "sugar is evil train", because first of all it's everywhere, it's tasty, and it boosts your mood every once in awhile.

I do believe that we should monitor our sugar intake, and learn to find heathy alternatives.

This is one of my favourite 'recipes' because it's so freaking cute, people love it, and it's healthy.  So if you are looking to show up to a party and be surrounded by a bunch of "awww's" try this one!

candy cane
Step 1:  Cut up a banana and 3 strawberries.
Step 2:  Place them together like a candy cane!

Way too easy!!  Make a couple of these on a platter, perhaps with a few other treats, bring this along for a dose of HEALTHIER sugars πŸ™‚

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