Quick Holiday Workout! Do it today to keep fit/sane/healthy over the holidays.

So this biggest thing I find about the holidays is my routine is broken, and I can't seem to feel like myself!  I know activity is a huge part of my daily life, so this Christmas I plan on making time to move my body everyday.  Here is what I am going to do today:

Warm up:  5 minutes of skipping in all different directions (alternatively you could do a walk).

3 rounds of:
1.  30 jump squats
2.  10 push ups
3.  10 burpees.
4. 1 minute plank
5.  50 mountain climbers.
6.  10 forward and back lunges on each leg.

Do them all as fast as I can with good form.  If it's a nice day out I will finish off with 5-10 minutes of sprints outside!

This is a super short workout and if your into counting calories, will blast a ton of them!  If not, you will be in a great mood, and boost your metabolism for the dinner party tonight 🙂

–  Katherine


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