Setting Goals for 2014.

As I start to get my voice and share my opinions around fitness, health and weight loss, I realize I'd like to share an alternative set of goals that I find helps my clients out with losing weight and keeping it off.

First things first, I always try to advocate "stop dieting, stop trying to lose weight", and people always look at me like I am crazy.  That's what people want right?  Well yes, I can understand, BUT, haven't you ever heard how to set yourself up for success with goals?  You should never phrase a goal about 'stopping' doing something, but rather about 'starting' doing something!  You shouldn't focus on quitting smoking, but rather focus on making healthy choices to promote longevity and prevent cancer etc.  The more you try to stop doing something, THE MORE YOU DO IT!..

So as New Years approaches, I challenge you.

Rather than setting some variation of a weight loss goal, why not try " I am going to become a fantastic healthy cook" or "I am going to learn to salsa dance', or "I am going to squat my body weight", or "I am going to try a new activity once a week", "I am going to work with a nutritionist/take a nutrition course", "I am going to visit a homeopath", "I am going to take an hour a week to spend by myself, taking care of myself".  NATURALLY all of these goals are in turn going to lead to weight loss.

Imagine how much more fun and exciting goal setting would be if you were 100 % interested in tackling them?  Rather than dreading, and most likely failing them?

So there's your challenge.  I haven't thought of my goals for 2014 yet as I write this (early November), but it will probably be along the lines of a triathlon or a lifting competition, as well as taking some further nutrition courses!

How will you set a sustainable healthy goal this New Year??? 

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