Why I hired a personal trainer.

I run a very successful personal training business- yet I hired my own personal trainer?

Don't worry, I laughed the first few times I told people too.

Why would I do that?  I know I have all the fitness and health knowledge I need currently to train my body.


I have goals.  Strength goals to be exact.  And I set some goals with my mastermind group for the end of the year in terms of how much I want to be lifting.

As I started training I realized:  I had never officially learned how to do a few of the lifts.  I wasn't increasing in weight as quickly as I wanted to, and I was getting minor pains after sessions.

All signs pointed towards the fact that I needed to bring in outside resources!

So I scouted around so that I could find someone who knew more than me in lifting, who could help me stick to my goals and keep me accountability, and who I could learn a great deal from.  And I found him!  In a few short weeks I have added 40 pounds onto my front squat, and 10 onto deadlift, as well as learned how to power clean, and snatch.

Needless to say, the moral of the story is:

STOP TRYING TO DO IT BY YOURSELF.  A trainer not only has a higher level of knowledge to help educate you, but the accountability and support involved with having a weekly appointment is amazing for making goals happen.

Find a trainer the specializes in your fitness goal and hire them today!  Invest in yourself.

Check out what I specialize in at http://www.optimal-health-coaching.com

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