Muscle up Monday- Lat Pull Down

Lats- not only are they an extremely sexy back muscle (well, what muscle isn't?), but a strong back can play a huge role in all measure of strength and fitness!!

So for this one, you need a gym.

Find the machine called 'lat Pull Down"
1.  Grab a little wider than the 'hump in the bar', engage the core and have a seat.
2.  Get the feet flat on the ground.
3.  Rather than sitting straight up, angle your back backwards by hinging at the hips.
4.  Pull the bar down towards your throat (mid way between chin and chest).
5.  Squeeze the shoulders back and down.
6.  Bring the weight back up slowly.

That's it!! Combine that with some other pull exercises for a fantastic back workout!!

Want me to put one together for you?

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