How to make best use of your personal trainer.

Just like when working with any type of professional, coach, or service, it is important to realize that the majority of the 'work' and results will come from 90 % of the effort the client puts in.

For example.

If I were to pay a book keeper for my business, and neglect to give her half of my paperwork, my book keeping services won't make sense.

If I were to hire a business coach, and never do my homework, I am not going to see the results in my business just from hiring a coach.

You get the idea.

Same thing goes for a trainer!  So here are my tips and tricks that I use when I hire someone to coach/consult/provide a service for me, and as my client I suggest you to do the same!

1)  Come to each session with questions written down.  Keep a journal/notebook with you and when questions arise, record them and have them answered quickly at the beginning of the session, or send them in an e-mail at another time!
2)  Be very clear with your coach about what best supports you.  If you wish I were more of a boot camp instructor, and pushed you harder in the sessions, I need to know!
3)  Call/text/e-mail as much as needed.  Don't be afraid to reach out to your coach.  They monitor their e-mails and will answer when appropriate.  The more you can keep them updated with how things are going for you, the better they can support you.
4)  Always show up 5 minutes early, do your warm up, and be fuelled up and drank lots of water that day.
5)  Get a lot of sleep.
6)  Make the service you have purchased a priority.  I always ask my clients "why is now a good time to start personal training".  It's a huge commitment to change your fitness and health, so ensure you know the time requirements and are ready to commit to them.
7)  Do your research into your coach, shop around, find the right fit (see my blog about hiring a personal trainer).
8) Record your food, ask for advice, ask for accountability, take responsibility in your food decisions and get proactive to eating healthier.
9)  Understand that fitness and health is more than just training a few times a week with a trainer, and be open to other lifestyle suggestions.
10)  Ask questions, be honest, be open.  If something is or isn't working, make sure your coach knows right away before it becomes a problem!

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