Staying committed for life, means having a GOAL.

Good morning!

One of the biggest aspects of fitness and health, I believe, is having a good solid, meaningful goal.

I find that always having the same goal in the past (lose weight, maintain weight, etc), the goal becomes less meaningful and important over time.  What I have found works better is incorporating all different goals into my program.  For me this has looked like the goal to run a marathon, or participate in a cycle relay across Canada, to participate in a yoga challenge, and currently I am working on some pretty exciting strength training goals.

When we have goals that are constantly new and exciting we stay on track and accountable to our programs, and often as a result our weight, nutrition habits, and overall healthy lifestyles stay naturally on track!

Once you have a goal, the next step is to start recording and tracking.  The principle of Progressive Overload states that we need to continuously add variety/resistance/weight/speed/some variable to our exercise in order to increase our current ability, and grow stronger, faster, lighter as an athlete.  For example, If you have been lifting the same weights for years, you are wasting time!  Every 4-6 weeks, usually you should be able to increase the weight being lifted, or perhaps increase by a few reps.  This way over time you are seeing results.  If we aren't recording/tracking then how will we ever remember all the various weights that we are lifting?  I track and record every single workout of mine, as well have started tracking my food. This is also what I encourage my clients to do.  I track their workouts and ensure we are seeing progress in their athletic ability, and they have the option to track their food to stay accountable to that component.  Which brings me to my next point,

Having an accountability partner, coach, trainer, friend, someone who can also know your goals, keep you accountable, and help educate you is key!!  We can often talk ourselves out of the importance of our goals and lose motivation, but if you have a trainer hired in advance who knows how to keep you on track based on your individual needs, there is no way you won't reach that goal (and move on to another!).

Want a free goal setting session today?  Call me 604-353-1116

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