Muscle up Monday- Diagonal Wood Chop with Medicine Ball

Hey All

So last Saturday I did 2 exercises in the gym for abs after my workout.  The decline bench with a 12 pound weight, and the one I am about to describe.  It is now Monday and my abs are definitely feeling it!  Give them a try, let me know if they work for you like they did for me!

Med Ball Chop:

1.  Stand with feet wider than shoulders, core is engaged.
2. Holding a 6/8/10/15/20 pound medicine ball, bend the knees and rotate the torso slightly to touch the ball down towards your right foot.
3.  Drive up through your heels and reach your arms fully extended to above your left shoulder.
4.  Repeat on this side 10 times, and then the other side 10 times, for two rounds.

Tip:  Try to move quickly, gets the heart rate up, and makes it more challenging, but don't lose form!
images (5)

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