Muscle up Monday: Need a free workout for today?

Even though I have my overall workout program that I change up here and there, I find sometimes I just feel like getting into the gym and trying something completely different and random.

If you are at home, don't feel like heading out to the gym, that's fine!  (For today :)).  Put on your running shoes, turn on some pump up music, and give this workout a try.  Be sure to look back at previous blogs for reminders about proper form!!

3-5 rounds:

1.  10 push ups from knees or toes.
2.  15 squats.
3.  20 lunges (10 each leg).
4.  25 jumping jacks
5.  30 second wall sit.

This is quick, you don't need any equipment, and you push yourself to the max (with good form) to get it over with!!

If you are beginner I suggest coming in for a free demo session to learn form, and see how your body is functioning before you give this type of workout a try.  I offer a one hour demo session where we spend 20-30 minutes looking at how your body moves!!

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