Muscle up Monday: Get started with fitness at home TODAY!

A lot of people feel you need a gym/equipment for fitness. Yes, it is important to use some tools and resistance to build a strong body. But there are things you can start doing from home today.

What can you get start on today?

A lunge is great because it works:

Hip extensors
–       The BUTT!
–       The back of the legs (hamstrings).

Knee extensors
–  The quadriceps (the 4 muscles that make up your thigh).


The inner and outer thigh (in terms of maintaining stability) throughout the motion.

How to do it:
·       Standing tall take a large step forward.images (1)
·       Ensure both hips are facing forward and both feet are pointed forward throughout the entire exercise.
·       Bend the back knee and lower it towards the ground.
·       Keep your shoulders and torso directly over the hips (the weight drops down, not forward).
·       Ensure your front knee does not move forward of the toes.
·       Ensure you are taking a large enough step.  The back knee should be behind the hip.
·       Not grab some weights in each hand, and make it harder!!

Get started today!  If you need help with form, advice on increasing or decreasing the intensity level, or how to build a program from home, contact me today 604-353-1116.

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