Sunday in The Kitchen: Mexican Breakfast!

This morning I made a delicious, prepared in less than 5 minutes breakfast.

This might be too simple of a 'recipe' for you, but I like fast an easy when it comes to food prep.

Here it is:

1)  Lay a bed of greens out on a big plate.
2)  Scoop on 1/4 cup of black beans.
3)  Pile 5-10 olives on top.
4)  Cut up 2 hard boiled eggs and put them on.
5)  Sprinkle salsa, olive oil, and himalayan sea salt on top.
6)  Slice up a tomato and lay it on the side of the plate.
7)  I scooped a bit of sauerkraut on the side today too!  (good for digestion!).

And that was it.  It was tasty, something different, and super healthy!  Big filling meal for a big day ahead.

PS- do you know about my free one on one personal training demo session?  I bet you it's nothing like anything you have experienced before!!


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