Free 5 Part Series Webinars: Making Your Healthy Ideal Weight a Reality.

Do you struggle with your weight? Have you been on the diet train for years but can't seem to find a sustainable solution?

Come join me for a 5 part series of talks titled "Demystifying Weight Loss", where I will lead a group discussion on a different topic each week on how to develop healthy habits that will help you keep your weight at an ideal level forever. I will most likely speak for about 20 minutes at the beginning and then the rest of the time will be spent in group discussion.  The meetups will take place every second Saturday throughout October and November starting October 5th 2013.

The purpose of these meetings is to spread awareness, support each other, and share ideas about how to create a healthy weight for life!


October 5th:  Eating what's right to fuel your body.

October 19th:  Building Muscle, Boosting the Metabolism.

November 2nd:  What is your ideal weight?

November 16th:  Supplements, should you use them?  Do you use them?  

November 30th:  Supplementing your LIFE.  How imbalances in our life show up as imbalances in our relationship with food and health.

They are set up in webinar format to be recorded, and allow access to all members. If a free location is determined the meeting may become a recorded webinar and a live meeting.

In order to attend please RSVP on the MEETUP site and I will send you an e-mail with the link to the webinar!

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