Lunge Knee up with Resistance Band- Muscle up Monday

Muscle up Monday

Lunge Knee Up with Resistance Band.

I love doing this exercise in my fitness classes!  It’s a way of taking a standard lunge and adding some further balance and stability components to it, as well as really testing our glute endurance!

1.    Grab a high resistance, resistance band and place it underneath one foot. 
2.    Choose to place your hands in the handles either at waist height (easier) or at shoulder height (more challenging). 
3.    Take a big step back with the other foot.
4.    Perform a lunge.
5.    When you are done the lunge, come up, ensure the core is engaged, and bring the knee up to chest height without touching the ground.
6.    Drive the knee right back and perform another lunge.
7.    Try for 10 each side to start. 

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